#that moment after she kisses him #how she turns around with her eyes closed #savoring the moment #she’s so fucking happy #still on the high of them #weeks spent beneath the sheets #his hands mapping her body #her lips tasting his skin #weeks of contagious smiles #and looks that still say much more than they could ever put into words #it’s them now #and they’re both so fucking happy #FAVE (via tellme0urstory)


Stana Katic 2014 Appearances: FOX LIFE GREECE PARTY 

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: favorite female characters → Kate Beckett

Whoever it is you think I am, whatever it is you think you know about me, you have no idea what I’m capable of or how far I will go.


no but look at her being all cute and smiley and adorable and dreamy because this is her favorite author reading a story to her and despite him being annoying all the time this is still the greatest thing for her and he doesn’t even realize what he does to her with just his words and his voice and can you see them just sitting on the couch some times now him reading to her because once late at night after they turned off the lights and cuddled together in bed she told him how much this means to her and now that he knows it just makes him happy and awww


All Caskett Kisses in 500px

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nathan Fillion at the GOTG World Premiere.

Nathan Fillion - through the years

Nathan Fillion - Guardians of the Galaxy World Premiere


hollywoodreporter: First look at THR’s #comiccon portfolio, check out all the photos in tomorrow’s issue. #nathanfillion as #captainkirk photograph by @miss_ramona illustration by R. Kikuo Johnson” (x)

All we have to do is loaf around..